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Mystically offers fine rare trade and ritual items from all around the world. Beads, jewelry, crystals, minerals, statues, tribal art, ritual tools and more


Most of the jewelry on sale is made by mystically. I usually combine antique or self-made beads or amulets with ethnic metal beads. Lets start with a picture gallery introducing the different styles of jewelry

I use macramé for my jewelry which makes it suitable for anybody as it is adjustable in size. For the cord I use irish waxed linen, leather or suede. The metal beads I use is mostly antique and comes from ethnic cultures of Africa or Asia. My jewelry is meant for wearing on a daily basis and fits to todays jeans and shirts

Here a short description of the different styles I'm doing

Stone Talisman Jewelry

Stone talisman jewelry combine a stone pendant with ethnic metal beads. For the talisman I use antique stone amulets, terminated crystals or self-made stone amulets. Each talisman is handmade and unique. It takes me between one to four hours to create a single talisman depending if the stone amulet is made by me or not.
Wearing a talisman is very personal. People used to wear them either for protection, luck or for self-development. Wearing a talisman on a daily basis results in a deep relation between the wearer and his  talisman. Many people wear their talisman from birth to death which is the reason why so many talisman are found in ancient graves.

Metal Amulet Jewelry

On this type of jewelry I combine metal amulets made of silver, brass, bronze, copper or gold with ethnic metal beads. The amulets I use are either antique amulets from ethnic cultures or amulets created by me. I also use antique gold or opium weights, jewelry molds or metal tools to make this type of jewelry. Metal amulets are worn for similar reasons as the talisman. Here we have a stronger symbolism as many amulets shows ritual symbols and motifs like gods and goddesses

Choker Jewelry

Chokers are worn tight around the neck. I create them mostly with antique or self made beads that I combine them with ethnic metal beads. Another version of the choker necklace is the «hippie choker». This is a very long choker necklace that gets twisted around the neck resulting in a choker and a long collier

 Beaded Jewelry

Jewelry with many beads in combination with ethnic metal beads. Here I mainly use antique stone or glass beas from Africa or Asia. On the beaded jewelry I also use macramé. This has the advantabe that a piece of jewelry can be worn in different lenghts, from short to long

Silver Pendants

I offer a fine selection of ethnic silver repoussee pendants from the Himalaya region. For the reppoussee the artist takes a thin layer of silver and hammers traditional buddhist or hindu motifs into it. He then wraps the silver around a cabochon or crystal. These pendants show motifs like animals, traditional decoration designs or gods and goddesses out of hinduism or buddhism. They have a big hole that fits large silver chains or leather cords

Silver Amulets by mystically

I'm offering handmade silver amulets made with PCM3 silver clay. The motifs are mostly ancient and  usually come out of hinduism or buddhism. For the jewelry making I add sterling silver beads from Bali or Thailand and linen macramé

Tribal Jewelry

I offer a fine selection or rare antique original tribal jewelry made metal. Rings, amulets, chains and bracelets made by ethnic tribal cultures of Asia or Africa. Here we have for example antique wedding rings from Ethopia, Baule amulets, Manilla bracelets and more


Created by nearly all cultures in all material existing beads were used for many reasons. Im offering a wide range of mostly antique beads that I collected over a period of nearly thirty years. Then Im offering rare handmade top grade stone beads made by me. Beads are offered as single pieces, as a whole goup on a string or as jewelry

Lets start with a picture gallery to give you some idea on the beads I'm offering

Here now a short description of the different style of beads:

Antique / Ancient Beads

Antique or ancient beads have a long history - they can be up to a few thousand years old. There are many antique beads that are well known : venetian glass beads from the African Trade, antique facetted stone beads from Idar Oberstein, neolithic beads from West Africa, Indo Tibetan agate beads or carnelian beads from ancient India. During all my travels I have collected most types of antique beads but was usually focused on stone

Dzi Beads

Dzi are himalayan amulet beads with lines and eyes. Depending on the number of lines or eyes the protective meaning of the bead is different. dzi are in most times darkened stone beads (ore, chalcedony) with etched white or beige lines. Dzi are especially valued in Tibet, China and all over Asia. There is a large amount of new dzi beads on the market but dzi beads can also be ancient. Im offering different type of dzi beads that I mostly aquired in India, Nepal and China before ca. 2003

Metal Beads

I' mainly offer old ethnic metal beads from Africa and Asia. There is a wide range of metal beads from those continents made by different tribal culutures. Well known are for example the wedding beads from Ethiopia, hair beads from Burkina Faso, the Tuareg metal beads or the tribal bronze beads from India.

Silver Beads

Most of the silver beads Im offering is old and comes from Tibet, Nepal or India. These cultures have a long tradition of repoussee silver bead making. Here a bead made of stone, glass or any other material is combined with silver repoussee artwork. Silver repoussee beads are best worn on a simple cord or used as a center piece on a jewelry

Trade Beads (Glass)

Trade beads were mainly traded from Europe into Africa and America between the 15th to mid of 20th century. Europeans produced millions of skillfully created glass beads and traded them for slaves or gold. This trade brought great wealth to the Europeans and wonderful art into Africa and America. Many stunning ancient glass beads can also be found Islamic countries. Most well known trade beads are the venetian fancy, millefiori and chevron beads, ancient islamic glass beads, the indo pacific glass beads, warring state glass beads from China or the beautyful glass beads of the Romans or Vikings.

Organic Beads

Organic beads are mostly valued in tribal or ethnic cultures of the Himalayas or Africa. Beads are made fom organic material like shell, horn, bone, amber, resin or fossils. Well known organic beads are the amber or simulated amber beads of nothern Africa and the Islamic world, conch shell beads from the Himalayas, horn or seed beads from Africa, the Bactrian fossil beads and many more

Beads made by mystically

I started creating stone beads about fifteen years ago. I got myself a diamond grinding wheel and a Dremmel – and this are still the only tools I use today. I try to only use the best quality stones. I prefer river pebbles and nuggets for bead making because they were unleashed naturally by nature. For the creating process I follow some very basic rules: the raw stones shape defines the shape of the bead - each bead is handmade and unique - waste as little as possible - all done freehand. Production time for a bead is anywhere between one and four hours. For the material I love to work with agate, jasper and corundum. My beads are not perfect by all means and many show small damages. This is intentionally as I prefer them more natural like their ancient friends. I also don't do high polishing but rather leave them in a middle state. My beads are usually large and most are of better quality than usual. They are meant to be very personal amulets or friends. Wear them and touch them as much as you can.


Im offering a wide range of minerals from all over the world. Lets start with this picture gallery giving you an impression of what I offer:

I was always fascinated by the mineral world. Same as flowers, minerals show the most beautiful colors. Minerals live all around us and make a large part of our mother earth. In this huge amount of rocks and stones very few are sublime and pure. Especially those special stones and crystals are the ones attracted by us humans. With a specific crystal structure, a certain range of colors and consisting of only a few éléments, each minerals have individual properties. On this webpage Im offering many rare type of minerals I collected from all over the world.

River Pebbles

Fine hand seleted river pebbles from all around the world. River pebbles were released naturally by nature and were formed and shaped by endless moving of water.  Perfect shaped river pebbles with nice bandings are very rare and most wanted

Terminated Crystals

Naturally shaped crystals with sharp edges and geometric shapes. Here we have different type of stones like the Rock Crystal, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aquamarina and many more. Perfect terminated crystals are valued by collectors and crystal healers

Amber Nuggets

Amber nuggets are valued since thousand of years by nearly all cultures. Antique Amber has in most times a beautyful butterscotch color and exceptional patina. New amber nuggets can be found with stunning colors. Most amber offered is from west Europe, Baltic countries, India or Indonesia

Polished Stones

I offer a range of polished stones for display or healing. Tumbled stones or polished stones made by mystically. 

Crystal Lingams

A fine selection if crystal lingams from the Himalaya region. Crystal Lingams have a naturally shaped crystal on one side and a half round polish on the other end. Then there is a range of ruby or sapphire lingams from India. Here we have the raw naturally shaped rock on one side and a half-round polish on the other. They are used for rituals, ceremonies and crystal healing

Crystal Lights

Naturally shaped crystals or round polished Spheres with LED light for an energized, decent light. All crystal lights are made by mystically. For the stand I use a wood stand covered with black felt and an IKEA LED light. The selection of the crystals is quit time consuming as only transparent and semi-transparent crystals of good quality are suited for this


Stunning high quality rocks from all over the world. They are either fully natural or partially polished. Rocks are used for display, collection or lapidary artwork


Stone Balls or Speres are used for display or crystal healing. I offer a fine selection or rare hand picked crystal spheres from all over the globe


Fine selection or rare Fossils from South East Asia and north America. Ammonite, Tooths, Fossil Stones and more

Ritual & Ethnic Statues

Im proud to offer some rare fine ritual and spiritual artwork from all over the world. Let me start with this picture gallery to give you some impressions:

Ritual art has a very special energy. Besides the skilled artwork itself there is a stong spiritual side. Ritual art is many times heavily used and show great patina and small damages. Here we have a beliver doing it’s daily ritual, worshipping his god, bringing it to bed, cleaning it and putting it on the shrine again. Those daily rituals are deep within the artwork. From all of my travels I usually brought at least one piece of ritual art back with me. Besides the Himalayan art I also admire ethnic tribal art from Africa, America or South East Asia. During all of my travels I met a lot of people sharing my passion. I also made some great connections with ritual art traders.

Most of the statues offered are made by the lost wax technic: Here the final statue is first created entirely out of wax. The finished wax statue is then covered with clay and heated in the oven. During heating  the wax is melting and pours out of the clay form. This leaves a mold where molten metal is pured into. After cooling down, the clay is smashed revealing the metal statue. Next step ist to add decoration to it, the  carving artwork and final shaping. Then the statue receives its final color in silver, gold, copper, brass or bronze. Last step is polishing and blessing. This whole process can take up to six months for a high quality masterpiece.

Here a short introduction to the different type of ritual art offered here:

Statues Buddhism

Peaceful Statues of buddhism like Buddha, Tara, Manjushree and many more. All buddhist statues Im offering were created within the last hundred years. They show far more details than other statues and their craftmanship is pristine. True Masterpieces can be found here. These statues are mainly used for meditation and decoration

Hinduism Statues

Statues from the indian continent representing gods and goddesses like Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Parvati and many more. Most of the hindu statues are smaller and therefore called figurine. They exist in millions but the sought after are the finely made ones with heavy signs of use and great patina. They can go back in age to the 18th century or older. These statues are mainly placed on altars in private households for daily ritual

Protector Statues

The wrathful deities of buddhism and hinduism, usually fearful with angry faces, garland of skulls and weapons in their hand. They are not demonic in that sense but rather represent the great effort it takes to overcome the root of evil – the five poisons of ignorance, desire, hatred, pride and jealousy. They are also protecors of the dharma. These statues are mainly used in special rituals and ceremonies

Jain Statues

Jain Buddhism is one of the oldest religion in the world. Jains belive in non-violence, non-stealing, non-attachment and control over desires and senses. They also dont belive in a creator god. Jain Buddhism has very nice artwork with its typical jain statues. Im offering some fine samples of Jain Statues from the north-west part India. These statues are used for meditation and rituals

Tribal Statues

Statues from ethnic, tribal, shamanistic and animistic cultures. Mostly made of bone, wood or metals they show ancestors, demons, gods or scene of the daily live. Most of the tribal statues offered here come from West Africa, India, America or South East Asia. They are mainly used in private households

Masks and Plaques

Im offering various metal masks from the Himalaya region and West Africa. Masks usually represent the face or head of gods, goddesses, deities or humans. Masks are usually placed on the wall for meditation, ritual or decoration purpose

Ritual plaques mostly come from India where people placed them on altars or walls. They display  hindu gods and goddesses like shiva, vishnu and others. They are made of different metals and most of them are antique


Ritual Tools

Im offering a fine selection of ritual tools from the Himalayan countries like Tibet or Nepal. Here we have different things like ritual cups, bowls, musical instruments, tools, weapons and more. They are used in ceremonies to overcome obstacles or are placed on the altar to offer presents to the gods. Most ritual items are skillfully crafted with precious materials like stone, metals or organic material. Most items in this category are old and antique.

Take a look at this picture gallery to get an idea of the items offered:

Cups & Bowls

Offering bowls and cups for presents to the gods that are place on altars. Most of them are made of precious materials and they are finely crafted and skillfully decorated. Many have silver repoussee artwork showing religious symbols and motifs. Here we also have tribal or ethnic cups from Africa or India

Tools & Weapons

Tibetan Buddhism uses a wide range of ritual tools like the phurba, the vajra, the bell and many more. These tools are used in ceremonies. Some of them are fearful whereas others are nicely decorated

Mala / Rosary

Malas are a string of beads used for counting during meditation or recitation. Malas usually have a specific number of beads depending on their origin or culture. In the Himalaya region we have 108 beads whereas the Islamic world uses 33 or 99 beads. Most malas have a guru bead or tassel. Malas are often very valuable and made of precious materials. Many are antique and show heavy signs of use which adds to their value.